Brian Lam(poons) Himself via Twitter

August 23, 2010

As you likely know by now, Gizmodo editor Brian Lam locked his twitter account today:

This would have been real karma: the lady who found his phone would have realized what she’d got her hands on, then offered his phone to the highest-bidding (and least scrupulous) media outlet willing to pay for it.

After the transaction, whoever paid out the most for Lam’s phone would have dissected it, then posted photos and videos of the aftermath online. Next, they would have posted all of Lam’s contact info on their site, opening him to ridicule and jeopardizing his career. As a final indignity, they then would have sent a letter to Lam’s lawyer assuring that he’d get the (now broken) phone back as long as he publicly admitted it was his phone.

That would have been karma.

If you think it was idiotic of Mr. Lam to post such a tweet, it’s because he’s an idiot.

[via Daring Fireball]

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