Angry Gamers vs. Angry Birds

October 27, 2011

Great piece on the Angry Birds phenomenon by freelance writer and blogger Russ Pitts:

Angry Birds was released late in 2009. That year, many major outlets (including the one I ran) proclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum their game of the year. Last year, many of those same outlets (including mine) selected Red Dead Redemption. Both were fine choices. Both games presented vast, semi-open worlds, cross-genre play styles, and deep narrative experiences. Both games have sold approximately 13-15 million copies combined.

Meanwhile, Angry Birds has moved approximately 400 million. And that number has roughly doubled from approximately 200 million in May of this year, just a month before Apple announced that it had sold approximately 222 million of its iOS devices. In other words, almost every person who has purchased an iOS device (the best-selling electronics devices in the history of the world) has also downloaded Angry Birds […]

[…] Nintendo has sold only approximately 260 million copies of its Super Mario-themed games in the nearly 30 years it has been making them. That’s roughly half the number of Angry Birds titles that are estimated will be downloaded by the end of this year, just two years after it was first debuted.

As the titular stamp of this article suggests to hardcore gamers and mainstream video game journalists alike, It’s Time to Stop Ignoring Angry Birds.  Love it.  Hate it.  Cuddle with it.  Stuff it into the trash compactor.  Angry Birds is branded into the hide of pop culture and will stay that way long after Rovio wears out its welcome.  As a “casual-to-serious” gamer, my biggest gripe with the Angry Birds craze is the unwitting mascot seal it superimposes onto the iOS gaming platform, which does, conversely, feature a wealth of campaign-caliber game titles that provide in-depth, meaty experiences.

What do “serious gamers” think of when they think of the iPhone and the iPod Touch?  Angry Birds?  Or Dead Space, Dark Meadow, Infinity Blade, Chaos Rings, Galaxy on Fire II, Real Racing 2, Rage HD, NOVA 2, Final Fantasy III, Order & Chaos, Espgaluda II, FIFA Soccer 12, Pocket RPG, Zenonia 3, King of Fighters, Final Fantasy Tactics, or ShadowGun?

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    I’ve yet to catch the “Angry Bird Flu”! Great post, though!

    • Reply Melly March 27, 2014 at 10:49 pm

      What an awesome way to explain this-now I know evhyiterng!

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