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Artist Awareness: Rich Aucoin

April 9, 2012

Rich Aucoin, a beloved Canadian indie-pop artist, has started to make his mark on America.

After releasing his stellar full-length debut, We’re All Dying To Live (to massive critical acclaim last Fall) Aucoin has been touring relentlessly, including a  recent stop at SXSW to play the Canadian Blast BBQ.  And while he is known by fans for his energetic, engaging live show (which regularly features audience participation, crowd surfing and a parachute), the man’s musical genius has to be heard on record to be truly appreciated.

We’re All Dying To Live, which was recorded with over 500 guest musicians, was planned and orchestrated to perfection. With the quirkiness of Sufjan Stevens, the craftsmanship of Brian Wilson and the intelligence of Arcade Fire, Rich Aucoin is undoubtedly one of the most promising artists to emerge in the last year.

Watch the video for Aucoin’s first single, ‘It,’ below:

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