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IHL Music Round-up: Cat Power, Paul Banks, Echodrone, Fantasy Rainbow, and … Eraserhead?

July 15, 2012

Hello folks, In Harsh Light (IHL) editor Richard here coming back from a barren, tumbleweed-ridden hiatus.  Fear not, however, as I’m gradually finding new footing in advance of planned content, so thanks for bearing with the dearth of the regularly scheduled updates, reviews, and pseudo-intellectual drivel you’ve inexplicably grown fond of (like an ugly but endearing pug) over the past few months. 

Following IHL’s inactive stasis, we’ve noticed its media inbox had incrementally sponged a backlog of various unread music-related news alerts and announcements that some (or none) of you might be interested in.  There are too many to cover all at once, unfortunately, but I’ve opted to sow a few standout morsels (into a round-up). 

If the news alerts keep coming in (and I’m gleefully thankful for them!), I may experiment with a weekly indie music round-up for anyone that’s got the munchies for new music they might otherwise never listen to munch on.  ‘Cause as delectable as that digital playlist may be, it could always use a little tweaking, right?  So without further ado:


Via Matador Records, Cat Power (namely the refulgent Charlyn Marie Marshall, a.k.a. “Chan” Marshall), is set to release her new album, Sun, on September 4th.  From the samples I’ve heard so far, it sounds like a promising new obsession.  Be sure to catch her album announcement video for the track, “Ruin,” directed by Austin Conroy and produced by Chan herself:


As I briefly covered back in May, Interpol frontman Paul Banks’ upcoming LP is nearing its release in the wake of the album’s sibling limited-edition EP, Julian Plenti Lives …, which is currently available at the Matador Store.  Time is limited, though:  Last I checked, only 2,300 CD and 1,800 10″ vinyl copies are left.  If you missed it before, check out the EP’s star track, “Summertime is Coming” (spoiler:  it sounds like vintage Interpol, which is a good thing):


Singer/songwriter Eugene Suh of shoegaze/dreampop outfit Echodrone recently released their third album, Bon Voyage (June 26th).  Don’t miss their brilliant, melancholia-inducing video for their track, “Cold Snap,” embedded below for your viewing/listening pleasure.  Be sure to tune in soon for a full review of the album in the coming days.


Via Sacred Bones Records, the original soundtrack for David Lynch’s midnight movie cult film, Eraserhead, is being commemorated with a reissue set for August 6th in the UK and August 7th in the US.  The reissue will include 3 11″ x 11″ prints; a 16 page booklet; and a limited edition Peter Ivers 7″ that will accompany the package.  For the uninitiated, the late Peter Ivers (September 1946 – March 3, 1983) — best known as host of New Wave Theatre — was asked by Lynch to write a song for Eraserhead in 1976.  The result was In Heaven (The Lady in the Radiator Song), the film’s most recognizable composition.

Eraserhead stands as one of your bespectacled narrator’s favorite cult films of all time — downright canonical in regards to American underground surrealist cinema, whereby during its initial release in 1977, could only be seen at select arthouse screenings.  Come August 7th, though, cult film enthusiasts and macabre-loving social pariahs will be able to playback the film’s “dense jungle of industrial hums, buzzes, screeches and screams” as they so please.  Thanks Sacred Bones!  I think?  Preorders are available now.


Via Ellie Clarke of Prescription PR (UK), Manchester-based indie troupe Fantasy Rainbow (led by wunderkind Oliver Catt) is set to release O, Weirdo (Heist Or Hit) on August 20th.  In anticipation of the album’s debut, the outfit uploaded two tracks (“O, Weirdo” and “ParaParakeet”) to their SoundCloud profile, embedded below.  They sound promising!  I’m especially and unabashedly jealous of Catt’s precocious appeal to the industry — he’s only nineteen years old.  According to Clarke:

Initially conceived as a bedroom recording outfit, Fantasy Rainbow’s departure from obscurity has been rapid. Last year, a newly eighteen year old Oliver Catt recorded four songs with the help of friend Jonathan Coddington, a collaboration which led to a demo which would generate a large amount of buzz in the north east music scene.

Immediately after the release of this demo Fantasy Rainbow was picked up by Gateshead based D.I.Y label Tiny Lights Recordings and over the next nine months would go on to release three full length releases in the shape of the ‘Teens’ EP, the ‘Healthy Lung, Dirty Lung’ cassette and the ‘No Hope. Not Ever’ EP.

Soon; all three releases were receiving regular national airplay from the likes of XFM, BBC 6 Music & Amazing Radio resulting in both of the first two releases selling out.

Give their sampler a whirl:

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  • Reply Brennan McCracken July 15, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    I really enjoyed the two Fantasy Rainbow tracks! “O, Weirdo” was especially jangly and delicious.

  • Reply cristycarringtonlewis July 17, 2012 at 11:17 am

    Damn! I want to listen to these right now, but Matt’s still asleep and I don’t know WHY I am awake at this ungodly hour. Will return so that I can be even a third as groovy cool as you are with your finger on the pulse of all music that is hipster. Did I mention I danced around my house the other day in my pajamas singing Wham Rap? I know…like I need any help at all. Clearly, I’m as hipster as they come.

    • Reply Richard Sanchez July 17, 2012 at 1:16 pm

      Brilliant! I couldn’t help but tag you in a Facebook comment about Wham Rap. How did I ever miss this? It just proves that you’re groovier. Next time, if you dance in your underwear, you’ll one-up Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

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