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Remix Awareness: “Candil De la Calle” by Apparat

February 24, 2012

Apparat‘s Sacha Ring released a dub remix of “Candil De La Calle” as a free-to-stream track on SoundCloud.  The single’s official release is set for March 13th.  Hit the Play button below and see what you think!

I like it.

It’s an astute preamble to his newly announced U.S. shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles (for more details, see below).  Apparat will also return to Mexico, where his latest album, The Devil’s Walk, was originally recorded.  For a behind-the-scenes peek at the making of this album, watch The Making Of The Devil’s Walk video, embedded below for your viewing pleasure:

At the heart of The Devil’s Walk is Ring’s time spent in Sayulita, Mexico.  The track’s Spanish title is “suggestive of light, or more explicitly a candle in a dark street.”  The new single will also come packaged with a remix by Vienna-based Christian Fennesz (who recently worked with Oneohtrix Point Never, Nine Inch Nails and The Visitor); and a reimagining of “Black Water” (track 3 on Walk) by Stefan Kozalla (or DJ Koze).  Kozalla last worked with Caribou, Battles, Matthew Dear and Bob Sinclair on their track remixes.

Apparat Tour Dates:

3/7/12–Mexico City Mexico–Teatro de la Ciudad de México

3/8/12–Guadalajara Mexcio–Bar Americas Warehouse

3/9/12–San Francisco, US–1015 Folsom/103 Harriet

3/11/12–Los Angeles, US–El Rey Theatre

3/13-16/12–Austin, US–SXSW

News, quote and info via Sheryl Witlen at Mute

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