Nincompoop of the week: Acer creator Stan Shih

September 9, 2010

Via Electronista:

Apple’s products are “mutant viruses” that need to be cured, Acer’s creator Stan Shih claimed to reporters late Wednesday. Shih saw Steve Jobs’ insistence on revolutionary hardware as creating rampant but short-term growth for devices like the iPad and iPhone. While initially successful, the approach would eventually be defeated by competition that “evolves naturally” and becomes “immune” to the Apple effect, the executive insisted.
Cannibalization is a bitch.
Also, the very logic in those beliefs seems nonexistent.  Come again … Apple’s products are “mutant viruses” that need to be cured.
What does that even mean?
The news article goes on to point out (partially clarifying the “mutant viruses” thing):
He trotted out the repeated example of the Mac and implied that it was marginalized in a similar process. Supporting an “open” platform like Windows helped competitors evolve to be larger than Apple. A similar effect happened with VHS versus Sony’s in-house Betamax format, Shih said. The executive assumed Android was having a similar result and would help “isolate” Apple.
This is an oft-used juxtaposition (the olde Mac vs. PC operating system platform war that eventually marginalized the Mac as a niche, boutique computing alternative), fast evolving into a wet firearm — especially because Apple reversed their policy guidelines today to allow third-party development tools for iPhone developers.  As of September 9, 2010, iOS has become so much less a closed platform for existing and potential developers it’s not even funny.

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