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Panda Sanchez // Experiment 11

December 13, 2011

For chemically staid datamonkeys that jump into nuclear sunsets and come out as space cadets on the other side, staving decompression sickness, floating amidst iridescent nebulae, stars and dark ether.

For the NASA moon hoax conspiracy theorist that once held the Apollo 11 moon landing as sacred, Panda Sanchez offers “cosmonauts” in place of “astronauts” when waxing historic over the bygone Space Race.

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Shameless Self-Promo // Quondam Band Nostalgia

December 7, 2011

Shot with a 3GS — courtesy of my younger kin, Eric (@Bluemojo82) — the following is a clip of your bespectacled narrator’s bygone music project, Tigertronic (R.I.P.), performing Lenny’s Last Roar at The Red & The Black on April 1st, 2010.  Check it out.  Funniest anecdote of that evening featured our bassist, Mamawia, showing up late, jumping onto the stage and plugging into his amp, mid-song.  Everybody thought it was planned.  (Wish we got that on video).

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An Absurdist Vignette, or a chat with Richard Sanchez

November 29, 2011
When Richard invited me to be an author on my favorite blog, i.e. In Harsh Light, I was delighted.  He has given me leave to explore the phenomenon of my creative process in all its tangential absurdity.
So, to begin my authorship, I’ve unearthed a typological conversation between Richard and myself that demonstrates some of the improvisational exercises that froth my creative juices.  Here is the uncensored transcript from the vault of Google Buzz posts dated February, 2010 Continue Reading…
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Shameless Self-Promo // New Direction

November 16, 2011

Dear readers,

A new creative echo chamber of mine just launched at Samsaville, a Tumblr fiction blog.  Feel free to hop on over during your free time (caveat: NSFW), after hours.  So far, it’s a bit creepy and I’m spooking myself out, but therein lies the grinning fun!  Pasted below is the site’s about-section verbiage.

Concurrently, In Harsh Light is undergoing a tectonic shift in focus, drifting away from consumer tech, mobile gadgets and software topics to film (independent and mainstream); music (indie/mainstream); culture; anime; books; the bizarre; and (possibly) art galleries.  Much of these content-changes have yet to congeal (as I attempt to request the participation of a writing coterie of authors), so please bear with me.

In the meantime, you’re stuck with me.

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