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Radiohead's new album on the digital horizon

February 14, 2011

Via Pitchfork, the new full-length album, titled The King of Limbs, will officially be anointed before the feudal masses of fandom-cum-the thorny analysis of the noble elite (a.k.a., Pitchfork) come May 9.

Behold, the heavens shall part and the collector’s edition vinyl shall descend upon the Church of Kid A aglow in a gold-satin halo and an endless supply of manna (and caviar) … well, maybe not.

Impatient loyalists and serfs rejoice, however.  Those with the wherewithal to preorder Radiohead’s eight full-length are to be treated to a digital download of the so-far unveiled tracklist on Saturday, February 19.  Yeah, this Saturday.

In the words of Napoleon Dynamite: “Lucky!”

The good news for us Radiohead fans (that should be everyone on earth, right?  I mean, seriously) is that “pre-orders are currently being accepted at”


You mean … as in now?  Why am I still here writing this blog post?  Why are you still here reading this pointless question?

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