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The Flaming Lips and Neon Indian releasing their collaborative EP (I never thought this day would come)

April 6, 2011

You could consult Marc Masters of online hipster factory Pitchfork on whether or not this EP is worth your time and money.  But in this instance, I would say, “skip it.”  We’re talking about The Lips and Neon Indian (working together).  Period.  For now, let’s just stick to the overture:

Outside of geographic proximity (Norman, Okla., and Denton, Texas, are only 150 miles apart), psychedelia is the only obvious link between the Flaming Lips and Alan Palomo’s project Neon Indian. The Lips often veer to the darker side of psych, especially recently (see their 2009 dread-filled opus Embryonic), while Palomo deals in a day-glo take on 1980’s pop. So when Wayne Coyne revealed that they were banging out a fast collaboration– as he put it, “that shit should be ready to go pretty quickly”– the first question that came to mind was whether the result would lean more toward sun or shadows.

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble locating this EP on iTunes or Amazon.  But you can (for now) hear (and see, I reckon) a collaborative track here.

Update: Thanks to the tidbits of a couple readers (namely Blue Mojo and Hello.Psyche), only 1,000 copies of this EP were made in colored vinyl, with only eight record stores carrying them throughout the US.  However, according to Hello.Psyche, you can hear the entirety of the EP here, via Consequence of Sound, who in turn repurposed it from YouTube user psychexfutureheart (this person is my hero).  If anybody else has any corrections or updates, let me know!

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