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Track Awareness: "Into Giants" by Patrick Watson

April 20, 2012

I have always found the association of certain musical sounds with a specific season to be one of the more quirky elements of the music listening experience. Possibly the most prolific (and as such, easily defined) ‘musical’ season is summer, with many pop stars releasing singles to accompany an unabashed two-months of amusement for middle school kids all over the globe. While I may have lost some of my taste for sunny Katy Perry singles, I still have a strong appreciation for summer songs, and their mellow accompaniment on warm August nights.

Patrick Watson, (the eponymous band of a Montreal-based singer-songwriter) put out their fourth full-length record Adventures in Your Own Backyard on April 17th. It features possibly the most summery song to be released thus far in 2012: ‘Into Giants’, four minutes of pure, happy bliss. Male-female vocals, falsetto, humming, lightly-strummed guitar, trumpet, gentle percussion; everything here was absolutely made for summer. The track has already crept onto my springtime playlist, and I know it will soundtrack many breezy summer nights.

Pour a drink, open your windows and click play on the song below. I guarantee it’ll have you pining for longer days, leafy trees and pink lemonade.

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