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You are more than just a cocktail ring to me, darling.

December 13, 2011

I love making jewelry.  I love the jewelry I make.  Therefore, selling a piece of jewelry feels like giving a beloved cat up for adoption because the new live-in boyfriend has cat allergies.  The elation of extra money in the bank gets drowned in tears over the parting with my adorable, fluffy, hug-able kitty-cat.

You are more than just a cocktail ring to me.

To ease my separation anxiety, I’ve come up with several ceremonies to commemorate my good times with my Anthropomorphized Angels that are really very cathartic, and not absolutely psycho:

  1. I create a custom Mausoleum-esque container for the jewelry with collage impressions of said jewelry plastered all over it.
  2. I photograph the jewelry with its custom casket at every conceivable angle.
  3. I make a bunch of digital collages out of the photos mentioned above.
  4. I inundate the Internet with those same digital collages mercilessly  until my grief is vanquished.
If you love something, obsessively photograph it and plaster it to your walls…or don’t, because that would probably fall into the realm of ‘psycho’.

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