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2012 – Old Year's Resolutions

January 1, 2012

Sometimes something new isn’t necessarily good. It’s like that old t-shirt that you’ve had for many years that fits just right, or the memento that you’ve held on to for so long because it reminds you of a time gone by. There’s nothing that could replace it.

It’s nearly inevitable to think about these things at the turn of a year. Not that I’m much of a sentimentalist when it comes to these things. The midnight countdown came and went while I occupied myself with an online computer game. I was never one for tradition.

But here we are, closer to the end of the world, whether it comes in 2012 or at some other predetermined time. (The actual date is subject to change. Probably as many times or more than that of Judgment Day, when our robotic overlords become self aware and usher in the destruction of mankind.)

While the “new” year is upon us, many people tend to make resolutions that seldom last past the first month or two. We are enamored by what it is that we can become if we just commit ourselves to a new mode of thinking, to new habits, to new endeavors.

If this is your path toward self-discovery, so be it. Give it all you’ve got.

But as for me, I’m not looking for anything new this year. Instead, I hope to hold on to the same old self-discovered tenets that have hung around with me for the past decade or so. I’m not trying to become someone else, or a better version of myself. Instead, I’m going back to the basics.

It’s kind of like looking through that t-shirt drawer and overlooking all your newly purchased threads for that one old faithful you’ve had since high school.

So what are these mementos of years gone by?

– Don’t worry about the future, especially the one that is coming tomorrow. If bad times are ahead, worrying makes them worse. But it is more likely that keeping it together under tough times makes the good times come quicker.

– Hold on to the ones you love. Not too tightly, so that you choke them to death. Or too loosely, that they run along and forget you were there to begin with.

– Do the things you like to do. Don’t be embarrassed or disappointed in yourself. Be confident in your priorities as to what fulfills you most.

-Vice versa. Don’t continue doing things you don’t like to do. Again, if it is so important to continue in a relationship, maintain a career, or pursue a degree merely for the benefits (money, security, etc…), then be sure that the sacrifices you make are worth it.

– Hold fast to what you believe in. Whether it’s god or devil, angel or demon, science or fiction. Don’t be afraid to question your belief system, but don’t be so silly as to betray it, or it will betray you. Faith is the most important article of self-awareness. Whether you trust yourself in what you know, or wait for truth to be imparted–be patient, but honest.

So this isn’t necessarily a “catch all” sort of list. They are just a few of the simple “truths” that I’ve discovered over the last decade or so that have brought me to where I am today.

As such, I am not looking forward to another year full of unfulfilled expectations, but rather, I am relishing in the cozy comforts I’ve had all along. If you’ve got the time, make your own list, and see where that takes you.

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