About In Harsh Light

Founded in May 2010, In Harsh Light focuses on independent and mainstream film, indie music, alternative thinking and various forms of multimedia art, with occasional forays into the more bizarre topics that populate the minds of various fringe movements and subcultures.

While it began as a general-focus site that binged on consumer tech; smartphone-related quirks; “apps”; miscellaneous musings; and anti-GOP quips, it relaunched on November 15, 2011 to cast a harsher light on the arts with a more unidirectional purpose.

Read us, visit us and comment often.  We’d love to have you.

Inquiries, feedback, news items, press releases and story ideas should be directed to [email protected].

Comments are welcome and encouraged.  Their purpose, however, ought to further stimulate debate and discussion in a manner that respects all participants, notwithstanding their beliefs, creed (or lack thereof), lifestyle, politics, and sexual orientation.  Spam; hate speech; troll droppings; off-topic tirades; and personal attacks will be scrutinized and (probably) deleted.

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