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Five Thoughts About Drive

February 4, 2012

Drive Yourself Morose with Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn

After writing that Kentucky Fried Christianity piece, I told IHL Editor Richie that my next review/commentary would be for Justin Lin’s Fast Five (2011). Said piece has yet to be written. This is, in part, because I recently encountered and became enamored with another Lin film: Finishing the Game (2007). An article that addresses both will come eventually.

In the meanwhile, lest I become known as the dude who only likes to talk about old-ass films, here are my thoughts about a slightly more-recent film: Drive (2011).

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Kentucky Fried Christianity

January 12, 2012

Last month, when I stumbled across a race-bating news item — concerning a backwoods Baptist church in eastern Kentucky that had banned mixed-race couples from joining its congregation — I knew I had something to write about.  I just thought I’d be more effusive when I actually got to writing it. I mean, I like thinking about race and religion, but I was underwhelmed by the story for a few reasons. Expect some generalizations and no apologies.

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On Kim Jong-il (and kimchi)

January 5, 2012

Kim Jong-il’s death made me sentimental. This is what I actually said to someone when recently asked about my feelings on his passing. Yes, sometimes, I’m rather inarticulate. In such moments, my temporal lobe probably grasps at lingering plumes of an alien language learned first and long since forgotten. Also, my friends don’t associate with many Koreans, it would seem. So I get asked things like this from time to time.

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