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American Horror Story: A Spectral Look @ Season 1

January 31, 2012


Review of American Horror Story, Season 1

As far as I can recall, the last pair of instances in TV history where spookfiends snacked on weekly treats of sexy macabre, putrefaction and horror kitsch were thanks to the erstwhile Tales From the Crypt and (perhaps) my personal cult fave, Twin Peaks.  The former a HBO production; the latter being the murder-mystery-slash-psychodrama-series on ABC, created by nightmare-cinema auteur David Lynch.  Sure, there have been other attempts at serial horror and creep since then.  But nothing quite like the two aforementioned bits of TV chimeras ever quite measured up, now did they?

Last year,  that all changed.  Horror fans around the country cozied up against the pilot episode of American Horror Story, a refreshingly risqué horror-drama FX series that pushes the boundaries on what TV-MA really means.

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Whimsy's Ahoy In Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom

January 13, 2012

What a perfect amount of whimsy in the trailer to Wes Anderson’s latest creation, Moonrise Kingdom. Not to say that whimsy is something to be lauded at by the gods.

Whimsy can be bad sometimes. Like, you wouldn’t want to find “whimsy” in a church service dedicated to worshiping the Almighty God. You wouldn’t want to find it beleaguered in a heated discussion during a committee meeting aimed at balancing a budget. Or what would be the point of whimsy during passionate lovemaking. Okay, maybe sometimes it might prove interesting.

But what would a Wes Anderson movie be without whimsy?

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January 5, 2012

I have a question…

Have you ever wondered where you end and where others begin? Does it stop with your body or the perimeter surrounding it? Are you sure?

Are you also present, in a way, wherever your thought goes?  Or are you completely confined within the limits of your skin?

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2012 – Old Year's Resolutions

January 1, 2012

Sometimes something new isn’t necessarily good. It’s like that old t-shirt that you’ve had for many years that fits just right, or the memento that you’ve held on to for so long because it reminds you of a time gone by. There’s nothing that could replace it.

It’s nearly inevitable to think about these things at the turn of a year. Not that I’m much of a sentimentalist when it comes to these things. The midnight countdown came and went while I occupied myself with an online computer game. I was never one for tradition.

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Four Seasons of Sons of Anarchy – Commentary

December 19, 2011

A few weeks ago, FX series Sons of Anarchy wrapped up their fourth season, setting up the pieces for what promises to be another adrenaline pumping fifth. What’s that? Sons of Anarchy? 

Perhaps to those who hear that name and are unfamiliar with the show, you may wonder what sorts of smart, social-political discussion it can throw within the context of its 1-hour time slot. Well, rest assured, the show doesn’t strive quite for those heights, as anarchism involves far too many tangled and complex strings in and of itself.

This is, however, a positive thing.

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Lost's Final Season: The Endless Debate Continues

August 25, 2010

An amusing (albeit exasperating) critique on the tortuous “revelations” in Lost‘s sixth and final season, by Adam Quigley

Q: Why does falling into “The Source” turn you into a smoke monster that sounds like a machine and judges the lives that people have lead?
A: It just does, ok? [ … ]

Update: Not surprisingly, the article fueled a heated debate in the comments section, which are just as entertaining.  One really managed to stick out, however, as very compelling and zen-inducing:

I’ve come to the conclusion that the two camps of Lost (those who disliked the finale and those who liked the finale) are just like religious nutters and empiricists. The empiricist constantly asks questions, looking for trends in nature that unify all of the little details they’ve been analyzing over and over. The religious nutter doesn’t question and just accepts the world as it is without any curiosity. Authority figures are always right and what they say is always the truth. Once you can see that dichotomy, then you understand why people either liked the finale or didn’t like it.

Submitted by Jason (not verified) on Mon, 05/31/2010 – 07:35.

Whoever Jason is, I want to buy him a cup of coffee.