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IHL Music Round-Up: Melinda Ortner, The Zolas, Simian Ghost, and Plumes

October 2, 2012

Don’t miss Californian chanteuse and songwriter Melinda Ortner‘s single, “Sweet Little Lies” (embedded below).  It’s a playful, swinging number that, personally, hearkens back to my crush on Aimee Mann‘s signature sound (perhaps circa her Magnolia soundtrack).  “Sweet Little Lies” is taken from Ortner’s EP, Strangers, which initially released September 17th.  In this latest stream, however, Ortner reveals a bit more about the single’s incubation:

Sweet Little Lies is an angsty, poetic statement and inner monologue that more girls than not have at one point related to…the headspin and mind game of getting led on by someone you think is fantastic…and then…nothing…And when you thought this one might be different. I’ll be fully candid here and say the subject of the story was from an online dating website. I was younger and much more stupid. Deep down, I knew the B.S. men pull for a little tail, and by the same token we girls eat it up knowing all too well it’s a load of crap but we do it anyways..for the chance that he’ll prove us wrong, or just because it still feels fucking good to be swooned, charmed and flattered. Fake sugar is just as sweet as the real shit right?

Oftentimes, yes Melinda, you’re painfully correct.  I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the B.S. of the online-dating breed of the male species, albeit I’m sure you won’t have much trouble finding the guy that swoons, charms, flatters and sticks around.  For a limited time, the full Strangers EP is available to stream straight off Melinda’s website, comprised of four swoon-worthy numbers.

Canadian duo The Zolas recently uploaded a stream of their single, “Knot In My Heart” (embedded below).  Not too long ago (12 days, to be exact), “Knot” hit no. 1 on The Hype Machine‘s charts for its intelligent, unobtrusive, yet unusually pleasant melodicism.  The single serves as the precursor to their upcoming full-length, Ancient Mars (great title), due out on in the UK on December 3rd (Light Organ Records).  Keep your ears peeled:

Swedish trio Simian Ghost recently released a remix of their highly blogged-about track, “Wolf Girl,” which originates from their album, Youth.  It’s an interesting track that features an eclectic knack for melding analog instrumentation and smart electronics.  They’ve also benefited from a great deal of media coverage via Pitchfork, Culture Bully and Nylon in the US; as well as Mixmag, The Guardian, The Times and NME in the UK.  Be sure to check out the aforementioned remix (courtesy of Slow Magic), embedded below.  The group is currently working on their so-far untitled third album.

Based in Montreal and Paris, Geof Holbrook and Veronica Charnley of Plumes unabashedly ruminate on a curious dreamscape between our archetypal ear for “classical” music and the hipster elite’s love affair with indie pop.  What results is an interesting place one rarely happens upon in their musical travels, one characterized by intricate harmonies, offbeat (often humorous) lyrics, unpopular instruments reimagined (i.e., the harp), and cascading, proggy melodies.

Check out their beautifully photographed video for “Messy Love” (embedded below) by Walker Zavareei and Jon Hong.  The video features Plumes’ Veronica Charnley, Eveline Gregoire-Rousseau and Pemi Paul.  According to Veronica, their latest album, Plumes, has been “compared to Sufjan Stevens and Dirty Projectors” (not a bad juxtaposition).

Lastly, don’t miss their clever (and smirk-inducing) take on being “Away From Home” — perhaps channeling the frenetic, time-lapsed chimera of many of our first seminal moves away from family, a fleeting lapse of time that precedes spells of stomach-churning nostalgia and homesickness.

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Info on Plumes via Veronica Charnley

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