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Track Awareness: "Innuendo Eyes" by Remember Your Dead

September 25, 2012
Remember Your Dead - Vigilia EP

I lose a lot of things.

Just the other day, I was asked for my social security card for a part-time job.

Oh great. Where did I put that dumb card? Did I lose it during the move?

I tried to make excuses to my prospective employer.

“I have my U.S. passport. Shouldn’t that be all you need?”

“No,” was the stoic reply. “Payroll needs your social security card.”

Well, I used to work in payroll. And I’m pretty sure my passport is all you need…

Well that pretty much sucked.

I went back home, but instead of looking for my prodigal card, I got back to work on a song for Remember Your Dead.

You see, I’m in a band. Unfortunately, my only bandmate at the moment happens to live very far away. He also happens to be editor of In Harsh Light, this here blog (he is also one half of local DC band, Panda Sanchez).

We’ve been working on some songs, via the wonders of Internet magic, sending and receiving information almost instantly, from coast to coast. We have already finished recording all the tracks for our debut EP entitled Vigilia.

Lately, when I’m not losing things, I’m usually mixing, sending progress back east, receiving input, and sometimes even going back to the drawing board:

A screen capture of my Logic workspace… the blueprint for this song, if you will.

Hundreds of hours have passed and it has seemed like I’m going to lose it before this thing is done. Fortunately, we are nearing the final stages prior to release.

We’ve recently started a Facebook page, and our website is still edging itself toward usability. (Everything crawls when you don’t have magical elves to do your bidding!)

This post is to formally introduce this project to our readers, as well as to reveal a brand new track. We had previously posted “Bumper Sticker Sermonette” (another song from our soon-to-be released EP) for streaming as a test run, but I am still finalizing the mix for that particular track and will be taking it down to make room for this unveiling.

The song is about those moments in life where what you want may not be necessarily what you need.  We’re calling it “Innuendo Eyes.”

We hope you enjoy it.

Despite being in “mad scientist” mode in preparation for this EP, we’ve yet to confirm a release date. That is forthcoming.

In the meantime, there’s a couple things I also need to take care of. It’s been a couple of days, and I still haven’t even started looking for my social security card.  It’s tough being a musician. For now, the only profit I get from producing music is the satisfaction of creating, of being immersed in the aesthetic.

Maybe that will change in the future and we’ll make a few pennies for all our hard work. Who knows?

For now, I should probably look for my social security card, try to land that part-time job, and get on with the things I have to do… before I’m the one that ends up losing it!

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