Pitt and Buscemi are back together in 'Hold Me in Paradise'

November 9, 2010

Phil Pirrello of IGN:

We’ve missed seeing Buscemi and Pitt act together, and the episode builds up to their reunion quite well. The actors deliver the goods here, especially Pitt. We can practically hear Jimmy think “Nucky was right” when he watches, as an outsider, Torrio and Capone play cards and speak Italian without any acknowledgement of the man who was just invited to go fight for his former home team. A great scene.

A touching scene, to be sure.  The emergent look of a pariah swelled in Jimmy’s eyes, observing the inner fold of his Italian confreres hobnob in their native language.  A war veteran.  A loyal ally.  A cripple.  Ultimately, an outsider.

So far, I have to say that the most hard-hitting scene of the series yet has to be Episode 1.5’s relationship between Jimmy and Pearl (the sedately, laudanum-dependent prostitute whose face was irreversibly cut up by a rival thug in the previous episode), which comes to a heartbreaking close.  I say no more.

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