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(In)Human Element

July 6, 2012

Human Element, being developed for the PC and next-gen consoles by indie game development studio Robotoki, is likely to be a survival apocalypse game by Robert Bowling, former creative strategist at Infinity WardIt’s a part of a growing trend for survival-apocalypse “next-gen” video games, looks like, and it’s one that I generally gravitate toward inasmuch as I tend to prefer the Mad Max-inspired cerebral experiences of, say, Fallout 3 over the cacophonous, reptilian-brain mayhem of any one Call of Jingoism Call of Duty offering (sorry Infinity Ward, though I doubt you’ll miss my occasional 60 bucks in lieu of your millions of fans).

There appears to be a darker side to the growing sophistication of “simulation” in gaming, however.  You can probably guess where I’m going with this, right?

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